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      Jiaozuo Lianggong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in harmless treatment of livestock and poultry died slaughtering equipment, waste treatment equipment, oil processing equipment manufacturers of professional manufacturers, since the establishment of the company adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" approach, close cooperation with colleges and scientific research units, increase investment in science and technology products, leading technology, high efficiency, reliable quality, long service life and the domestic and foreign users, sales throughout the country more than 20 provinces and cities, and exported to South Africa, Burma, Vietnam, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and other countries.

      Our company is a modern industrial enterprise which integrates technology research and development, machinery manufacturing, engineering design, installation and operator training. The mortality of R & D and production of harmless treatment of livestock and poultry slaughtering equipment, waste treatment equipment, the use of advanced technology, high temperature and high pressure will kill all bacteria, and the processed material is fully recycled, meat and bone meal can be transformed into organic fertilizer, animal oil to biodiesel or other industrial oils; process automation equipment high, waste water, exhaust emissions to meet the requirements of environmental protection, no pollution two. In the oil processing, our company's oil extraction equipment, high oil yield, cake of high protein, good quality, in line with the current market demand, has been praised by the vast number of users.

      The company aims to "quality first, reputation first, customer first". Our new management style, superb technology, excellent quality, good service for the survival of the fundamental, is willing to work with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad sincere cooperation, and create a better future.

      Jiaozuo City Lianggong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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